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Natural Juice Concentrate

This increased fascinated with tart cherries and even tart cherry products it isn’t just due to the increasing selection of food researchers executing excellent research on tart cherries but also to the greater word of mouth promotion of the amazing super fruit. As word spread this simple super fruit is getting more popular. Stories of the tart cherry’s ability to maintain healthy joint function* and other health benefits has long been passed from generation to generation; from mom to daughter and from father to son.

Sweet Cherry Juice

The sweet cherry juice, also referred to as the black cherry juice is used by many people to help maintain healthy juice function. However, unlike the Montmorency tart cherry juice that is used to produce our juice it contains more naturally occurring sugar. In addition, the tart, also called the sour or red, variety has had more research conducted on the natural health benefits when compared to volume of published research on the sweet variety. So not only does the sour have more research published research it is an excellent first choice for those looking to naturally reduce the amount of sugar intake.

Tart cherry extract benefits

The tart cherry is available in a number of different products including the fresh fruit, the liquid concentrate, frozen, dried, pureed, cherry capsules the powder. With all of the different types of products available from this ruby red fruit what are and tart cherry extract benefits?

Tart Cherry Juice Recipes

We get a lot of calls and emails from our customers asking where to find recipes for the tart cherries and cherry juice. We have put together some excellent recipes anyone can use for any meal of the day.

Tart Cherries and U Pick Cherries

The U Pick cherries season has come to an end and many are wonder were they can get the fresh fruit now the season is over.

Cherry Juice Brands

When we started Traverse Bay Farms over 10 years ago only a handful of cherry juice brands existed on the market. Most the brands available from companies based where in Northwest lower Michigan. Over the years several of the companies that existed have gone out of business or changed their product lines and dropped this antioxidant fruity drink.