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Manage Arthritis Pain Naturally

Did you know that over 50 millions in America are affected by arthritis pain? This means about 1 in 5 adults live with arthritis pain. Yet, simple physical activity helps many to manage arthritis and joint pain, but some are sure which activity to safely implement into a daily activity. Check out the Traverse Bay Farms health and wellness online bookstore and bootcamp section

Benefit of Cherry Capsules

With the start of the new year, a lot of people are calling and emailing us and asking about the difference between our cherry juice and cherry capsules. Learn the difference between cherry juice, cherry capsules and dried cherries.

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Dried Cherries – What are the Health Benefits?

Dried Cherries – What are the Health Benefits?

Benefits of Cherry Juice

We have been getting a lot of emails and phone calls asking about the benefits of cherry juice. In fact, just a few months ago Dr. Oz. had a show on cherry juice and the benefits it offers. In addition to the Dr. Oz. show a number of health-related website and magazines mentioned the tart cherry and cherry juice as one of the top foods for 2013. So with all of this interest in this little red fruit, I have put together an overview on the benefits of cherry juice.

Cherry Juice Side Effects

Since we started Traverse Bay Farms over 12 years ago, the word about the natural health benefits of tart cherry juice is getting out. This Michigan-grown, ruby red superfruit have been featured in numerous websites, blogs, newspaper articles, on television and cherry juice was talked about on┬áthe popular Dr. Oz.┬ádaytime show. In addition, our cherry-based…