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The Internet of Things Plus Cherry Prime

The Internet of Things and Cherry Prime. Both are the next generation.

February is National Cherry Month

Learn the history of National Cherry Month. Also check out this quick National Cherry Month Video

The Next Best Cherry Juice Move

The 2015 cherry harvest season has come to an end and until next year the fresh produce will not be available. In the meantime, all of the harvested cherries will be used to produce a number of different cherry-based products including tart cherry juice concentrate, cherry capsules, IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) cherries and cherry salsa, just to…

Traverse Bay Farms July 2015 Catalog

Wow, it’s almost tart cherry harvest. As we get closer to the harvest, we’ll keep you updated on the overall production of this year’s crop. As mentioned a few weeks ago, we had a freeze for a few nights during the vital blooming of the blossoms. The crops did lose some production, but we’ll let spread…

Tart Cherry Blossoms are Out in Full Bloom

reat news the tart cherry blossom are out in full bloom! Every year starting toward the end of April until mid-May the countless tart cherry trees in Northern Michigan shed their brown color and lifeless branches and burst into beautiful white and pink blossoms. As the warm spring weather pushes the cold of Old Man Winter…

Pain Relieving Properties of the Tart Cherry

Pain Relieving Properties of the Tart Cherry