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The Internet of Things Plus Cherry Prime

The Internet of Things and Cherry Prime. Both are the next generation.

February is National Cherry Month

Learn the history of National Cherry Month. Also check out this quick National Cherry Month Video

How to Stop Heartburn Fast

The other day, during a telephone conversation, I was talking with a long-time customer from Williamsburg, MI. Her name is Sallie and I get to talk with her twice a year. During this time of year, she usually re-orders a six-month supply of our tart cherry concentrate and 4 lbs. of dried cherries. Sallie and…

How to Relieve Stress Naturally

As we begin to move into the holiday season, it seems this is the time of year stress starts to build up in many people. Maybe it is the thought of spending time with extended family, attending work-related parties or reliving memories of past holidays so many people what to learn how to relieve stress…

Trick or Treat and Halloween Fun at Traverse Bay Farms

Trick or Treat with Skeletons at Traverse Bay Farms in Elk Rapids

New Video – Color Your Way to Health

Eating different colored foods help you to stay healthy naturally